Epoxy Flooring Surface Preparation

surface prep sm.jpg

The first and most critical step in epoxy floor application is the surface preparation. In order for the system to be effective, the surface must be inspected and prepared accordingly. Removal of all contaminants must be completed before application of any epoxy system. These include, but are not limited to: grease, oil, loose coatings, and laitance (accumulation of fine particles).

Steel shot blasting of the concrete is the preferred method of floor preparation. Not only does this remove any bond inhibiting contaminants; it profiles the floor in an acceptable manner to receive the epoxy system. Additionally, the floor should then be broom swept or vacuumed to remove the remaining dust particles created during blasting.

Existing epoxy systems can be effectively re-coated by cleaning and degreasing the entire floor. A general industrial strength cleaner followed by a clean water rinse is recommended. The next step is to inspect for loose or delaminated coatings. These areas must be removed until a sound bond exists. The areas should be mechanically prepared and patched to a uniform appearance with the existing surface. The entire surface must be abraded by grinding or sanding to leave scratches for the primer to adhere. Proper surface preparation is achieved when no gloss remains.

Note: All shot blasted floors must receive at least 15-20 mil coating systems to cover profile of prepared concrete.